That's the guitar I have. There's nothing wrong with my guitar, I've had it since December 09 but I'm starting to lose interest in playing. I have played for a couple years but I've no will to practice and I never get to play with anyone else. I think this guitar would be much better off with a another guitar player Besides, I need money for other things right now and getting a job is impossible here in South Florida (atleast for me). So, where could I possibly get around $550-600 for this guitar? If that's possible? Sorry if this is the wrong forum

Here's a picture of mine, in my room..the quality is not so great but its there.


There is ebay and craiglist..however I've never sold anything over the net
before..I'm not too sure about either of them.

Let me rephrase, where can I get a reasonable amount for this guitar?
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Use Craigslist first and foremost. It's easy, first you post it and then someone or someones will contact you and probably try and barter then you just meet up with them and exchange goods. Mom and pop guitar shops are next on the list (at least the ones around here). A lot of them will sell things on consignment if you ask them). I'm personally not a fan of eBay it costs too much to list things and it's not a guaranteed sale. Craigslist on the other hand is free and you're generally dealing with locals so there isn't a lot of driving and what not. Like anything else on the internet though be careful who you deal with.
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Don't count on gettin you're asking price. They might as well buy new.

I'd say ask for $450
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