So it's about that time for me to pick a college, and I know that I want to do recording and production. I've been looking at Berklee alot, but I would like to know some different colleges that might even do it better than Berklee. Does anyone happen to go to a college like this, or know of some. Just some names at least.
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What are you doing going to college if you don't know how to spell Berkeley?

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Well Full Sail University put thier ads up here alot.

I heard Full Sail was a bitch?
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I go to Fanshawe in London, Ontario, Canada for Music Industry Arts. Top engineers have come from my program, as well as Rob Zombie, lmao.
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RAC in Toronto, Harbourside in Vancouver, there are tons of places. Berklee may not necessarily be the best anway. They have very qualified teachers, yes, but it is an EXREMELY competitive environment.
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The Peabody Conservatory is a pretty good place; They're a pretty prestigious musical school, and I'm pretty much sure they have a degree in what you're looking for.

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