Hey -

We are a relatively new pop/rock cover band in the Chicago area. Can you guys help me out and become fans? We are trying to build a fan base. I would be willing to recipricate. Also, if you are a local band, maybe we could cross market, or do a future show together etc. It is hard to do marketing Quest Quest ....

Thanks for your help!

Wrong forum.

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So you want people to become your fans on Facebook regardless of whether they like you or not.

Either this is some trolling, or you're pathetic.

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This dude just put it in the wrong forum. No need to get all angry, and no need to report him...

See, and they moved it now =]

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Bassist Rising, Chill out ok. He posted a thread in the wrong forum it's no big deal.

I recommend that the thread starter read the rules of this forum and adjust his first post to fit in with those rules.

And finally I'd like to ask the mods of this forum to bear in mind that I moved his thread here if you feel the need to take action against the TS for breaking any formatting rules
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