Gibson Les Paul Standard.

Recently i found a LP standard at a second hand guitar shop for $2100, is this a good deal? it has a cherryburst finish
Depends. Les Paul prices can be all over the place. Some are as little as $900, some well above three grand. Details, man, we need details!

If it were me, it would have to be a damn good Standard.
details ....hmm well i only had a quick look, girlfriend wanted to get home. But it looked like an incredible guitar, not much use at all. I think he said the owner had it for a year. Sound, was only for a second, but it was incredible and sounded like it kicked my Epiphone's sound in the ass lol. seriously thats all the details i can deliver (i know its stupid)
You can get a great condition LP Standard on Craigslist forr 14-1800. Seems overpriced.
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$2100 for a second-hand production Standard is certainly overpriced. The new ones are what, $2300 or so? Less for the Traditional Pro (which is more like most people expect a Les Paul to be anyway). A second hand production Standard shouldn't be any more than $1700 really, and that would only be if it was in perfect condition with the original case.
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For a Gibson LP standard at a music store, what would you say is reasonable, i saw it for 5000$ AUS, last time i went in...but i got wierd about it because he tried to sell me a metronome for 100$...
Am i the only person who had the idea that this might be australian or canadian dollars?

$2100 AUS might be a reasonable price but i'm not entirely sure. that is, assuming you are actually in australia, and weren't randomly on holiday in australia when you saw the LP for $5000 AUS But if in doubt, have a look at places like ebay, and online stores, to compare brand new prices.
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In Canada it's $2600 for a brand new LP Standard. About $200 less in the States. So that's way too much for a used LP IMO. As mentioned by MrFLibble, if you're looking for an LP I'd consider the Traditional or Traditional Pro as well.
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Prices in Australia are always tremendously inflated, though. 2100 would be a bad price in the US or Canada, but a good deal in Australia. Ebay BIN on LP standards looks to be between 1800 and 4000 depending on condition.
I wouldn't know, seeing as I don't own one or anything, but I'm pretty sure that you could get a Les Paul studio for under around 1000-1200 dollars...maybe less? anyone have links?
EDIT: Yeah here is the Guitar Center link.
I mean for this you could get a brand new instrument as opposed to a second hand one, and for the money your spending...
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