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Ok a few months ago i bought a old tube amp for about $150, finally got around to getting to my local music store to get new tubes and to get it cleaned up and back up to par (up until that moment i dident even know the make of it),
I was told i had a 1969 to 1974 traynor YGM-1 or a YGM-3 i have no experance with traynor amps and was wondering what thoughts or experances other people had or have with them. (when i get it back i will have serial numbers and all other info on this particular amp).
the amp on the top of the pic is my amp not the black one on the bottom.

i forgot it is a 200w amp
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I absolutely love these amps. When I was recording a few weeks ago my JCM 800 decided to crap out (due to a whole plethora of problems culminating in a $500 repair) and my friend got me to borrow his Mark III to continue recording. The amp sounded absolutely excellent, had a great spring reverb in it, and I was able to dial in a similar sound to my Marshall. Also, he has a YBA that he plays bass out of; it sounds really good. I have no idea why old Traynor amps are so underrated. I regret not having one yet.
Traynor amps are kickass, especially the old YBA-1 Bassmasters. they can take quite a beating and sound delicious. even though the Bassmasters were a not so subtle nod to the fender bassman, the circuit is closer to a plexi. most of their early amps are very mod friendly, too.

They were built in Canada, which ups the awesome factor up about a million points (but at the exchange rate, it's worth about 240 american points).
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i have not had a chance to play with it yet, when its done i'll play on it for a week or 2 and then decide if i get rid of it ( i really want a marshall) or be blown away and decide to keep it.
then i'll need it buy some pedals lol, on the front it says guitar reverberation amp it uses old termonology.