I am looking to buy my first electric guitar and am wondering if the medium frets on the GRG would be worse than the extra jumbos on the LTD. If it matters, I play bass so I'm not new to the concept.

Any other suggestions in the same price range (can't go any higher), feel free to let me know.

my first guitar was the grg170dx and i don't remember noticing the difference when i switched to a xj fret guitar
i have read that diff manufacters have different size descriptions on the frets, e.g. ibanez is jumbo but it matches the same Xjumbo on the LTD models.

so you gotta try them to feel the differences
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I love jumbo frets, so anything with medium frets is out of the questioin for me.
The GRG was my first guitar and I loved it to death, it plays great for a low-priced guitar.
the frets are actually a pretty decent size too, Ibanez tends to say they have smaller frets than they actually do. Try them both out but I would highly suggest the GRG.
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I just recently bought a GRG170DX off my mate, and it plays great! No problem with the frets..
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Yeah, I have a GRG170DX. Love it. I actually play it more then my main guitar (Fender MIM strat)
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