Looked everywhere for this, so...

Mr. Klinghoffer, the new guitarist for RHCP has a lot of experience in the music industry. Having recorded with multiple alternative acts, he really gets around a lot. Having listened to some of his music though, I'm hard-pressed to figure out his "playing style". Like, is he fluid like clapton, melody-driver like his predecessor, frenetic, relaxed, bluesy....also at a loss for his gear...

From what I can tell, his guitar playing has is somewhat arpegiatted, clean, with his toned rolled off. Not very sure about his drumming style nor keyboard skills though.

If anyone could point me into the right direction for his gear, proper keys and guitar tabs for his songs, I'd greatly appreciate it. :P
i think he uses a telecaster mainly but has been seen with a JB hutto montgomenry airline and probably has many other guitars although i think with rhcp he will be using his tele

since he plays with many arttists his style is probably very varied