Hi, my question is that i want to upgrade my sss guitar to hss, but do i really need a 500k pot or are 250k pots also good?

Thanks in Advance.
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500 pots are usually used for humbuckers because they dont cut off as much high frequencies
so 250 pots wouldnt do damage but they might sound a bit muddy
I have 250K pots in my Modded strat knockoff.
I put a humbucker in there. An overwound one too.
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Its personal preferance! Everyone thinks 250K for SCs, 500K for humbuckers. My brother opened up his squier SSS strat to find 500K pots in there. It sounded fine!!! Presuming you have 250K pots and would keep them, the guitar would work perfectly fine, but the humbucker may sound slightly dark and muddy. A 500K pot would cure this, but would make the single coils very bright, perhaps even too bright. Pots are cheap, i recommend buying loads of different values and tapers and experimenting untill you find the one you like. Presuming you have a strat, wire it up and reassemble, but dont attatch the pots to the pickguard, just leave them loose outside the guitar. Poke the wires that should go to the pots through the pickguard so you have the guitar, with pots that are still wired up but not fixed to the guitar. Then, unsolder the pots and replace with different taper or value. Play and experiment with different pots, and you dont have to take apart your guitar each time!