In my shop I have a BV-60 rev. 0 amplifier made in 1995 and it looks like someone has altered it to match the schematic online. The only schematic I can find is Rev. 2 for this amplifier that was "redesigned per eco #e950123. I even talked to Loud Technologies and SLM to see if I could acquire a pre-redesigned schematic. Both companies only have Rev. 2 and beyond. SLM was actually a little embarrassed they didn't have it and said they will find out the information if they are able and get ahold of me.

I have found some pictures of this amplifier online that matches mine and doesn't have the added components and resistors 118-121 but the components are hard to make out in them.. Is there any posters that have this amp that might be able to take some higher res pics of the board so I can see what the original values are supposed to be?

Any help is appreciated! Sorry if this is considered the wrong section. Mods can move it over to another forum if you feel its better suited there, or I can repost it!
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lol done that already... the amp is functional but the sound is very low on gain. When plugged directly into the effects return the volume is full and clean, reverb unit is testing at the correct ohmage.

I would like to return it to original values if at all possible to find them out.