Hey UG,

So, recently I bought this fuzz star by BiYang. It was fairly cheap, but I thought it sounded good, in the shop. Now, I'm using it at home and it sounds rather.. thin. I dont know what it is, I crank my amp up but still when I hear myself play a solo with the fuzz on it sounds thin and very uh, empty.

How can I fix this?


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Better amp
In the shop, they probably had both better amps and acoustics. That's their selling-trick-thing.
But maybe try to fiddle with the settings on your amp to get a bit more bass?
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yup, everything ALWAYS sounds better in the shop than at home. set bass and treble to max, same counts for the knobs on your guitar: lead and rythm sound and tone to the max. if that wont work, suing the bastards could be an option to get some $$$ for another amp ^^