EDIT: as a genuine response, you should make sure you're doing general breathing exercises, core strengthening, support, etc. to help out with the lower end. It's harder to project the sound if you don't have a solid foundation in your technique.
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make sure its coming from low in ur stomach-area, and that its resonating/vibrating like everywhere. a good way to think abt it is that the higher pitch u sing, the higher in ur body it comes from, and vise versa. so if falsetto comes from ur head, really low notes must come from ur stomach.
how low can a tenor normally sing? I bottom out at the low A but it's really breathy and I usually harmonize above if I have to sing below the C. like I can vocal fry it really low but will someone with a high-ish voice ever have clear notes below the low C?
I hear it is much harder to learn to sing lower than to learn to sing higher.

I have been using the "mask of the face" technique lately and for me it makes low notes sound much better. I don't know if this will make you go lower or not.