I work at a gas station (here in New Orleans) and we sell these things here called boat balls. Basically it's a ball on a suction cup that you attach to your boat (be it a kayak, motorboat, jet ski, canoe, warship, whatever). Supposedly they use voodoo magic to prevent the vehicle from capsizing no matter how much it flops about in the sea. The thing is lately they don't seem to be working. All the hip yuppies with yachts get in boat races and slam into each other at 70 miles per hour and stuff. Obviously the boat balls are not intact when we (me and my friends who like to solve mysteries and such for fun) look through the wreckage, but we haven't been able to determine whether they were knocked off before the crash (which would give us no reason to doubt the balls' legitimacy) or if they just don't do anything.

I know to outsiders it might sound a bit silly, but keep in mind that fishermen here have relied on boat balls for decades and they've never been let down. We believe the balls may have stopped working because these reckless young people have taken advantage of them.

So what do you guys think? Those of you in the New Orleans area are probably already aware of this issue. And I'd like to hear what outsiders have to say as well. Just be respectful of our culture.
TS, is following a couple of logical rules THAT HARD?
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