I'm thinking of getting a Jackson RR5.

What I want in the guitar is:

-V shaped body
-two pickups (active or passive, doesnt matter)
-string thru (non locked bridge)
-preferably set-thru or neck-thru but a bolt-on wouldn't kill me if I had to get one
-preferably 24 frets but I could live with 22

The RR5 has all of those except 24 frets and is about in the price/quality range I'm looking for.

I also am seeing the JS30RR that has everything I need except that it's a bolt-on neck and probably a bit lesser grade of quality than I want. It also seems to be discontinued.

Any recommendations or suggestions?

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Yeah, that seems to be the best choice. There's the rr24 and the alexi laiho sig, but those are both missing the neck pup. Personally I'd take 22 frets over a missing neck pup any day. I remember having the same problem when i was looking for a new guitar. I decided to skip the V shape altogether though, because it's uncomfortable to play.

Actually, I'd recommend getting a Carvin V.
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This Mustaine looks pretty slick, it's got 24 frets, active pickups, and it's string thru. I've heard a few things about Dean's quality so I don't know how it would compare to a Jackson Rhoads.

I would probably still go for the rhoads since the shape is awesome and Randy is my favorite player!

Edit: Maybe this too. http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Schecter-Guitar-Research-Hellraiser-V1-Electric-Guitar?sku=520217

EDIT 2: Don't get that one if you were to get a schecter ^^^ get this one. http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Schecter-Guitar-Research-Blackjack-ATX-V1-Electric-Guitar?sku=484203
The one I suggested before had weak ass EMG 81/89TW's. I love EMG's, but the coil splittable ones suck. It sounds weaker than the normal EMG 81/85s. And no I didn't have the coil split engaged, i'm not a n00b.

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The RR is sweet, but it is 100% a 1-trick pony. If all you play is metal, it'd be perfect.
you could look for a used rr1t
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Right now I'm somewhat considering the Agile Reaper as well as a used RR1T. I guess I should've mentioned that I really don't like the look of King V shapes =/ So I guess that really narrows my choices a lot eh?

About the Reaper, it kind of looks like it has terrible upper fret access, making it a pain to reach 24th =/ Anyone have thoughts on that?

And I'm wondering just how low I could find a used RR1T for. Do you think it's possible to get it for under 1k?

And yeah I am pretty much all about metal or sounding metal when playing guitar.
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I would check out a Jackson KV. It's more or less the the same as an rr, but with a different body shape and 24 frets
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I would check out a Jackson KV. It's more or less the the same as an rr, but with a different body shape and 24 frets

He said he does not like the look of King V's.
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That actually seems like a really good possibility. The Carvin Ultra V, eh? I didn't think I'd like the look of the longer lower horn but the more I look at this guitar the more it's kinda growing on me. I probably still like the look of the RR a bit more, but...

I really quite like the look of this V220. Is there a hardtail version? Damn.
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