At what times do you play guitar best? Is it right after you wake up? Is it right after you finished jacking it? Is it when you're so drunk, you can't stand alone?
Speak, Pit.
Late at night. generally anytime after 21:30 right through to the small hours. This will be the cause of my unemployment soon no doubt.
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Always, as I am so great.

No, usually when I'm with other people playing.
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In the morning or afternoon, it just depends on my mood
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Always, as I am so great.

No, usually when I'm with other people playing.

This. I write all these complex riffs that sound pretty awesome to me. When I come home I have completely forgot what I wrote
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When I've warmed up properly and am in a musical mood. Like some kind of normal person.
When I havn't played the previous day, seriously, after you take a break for a day or two, playing feels soooo much better.
I pretty crappy until I've played for about 15 minutes and my hands have loosened up.
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