WTS: Gary Kramer USA 36 Frets 7-String, 1973 Handwired Marshall JMP50 LEAD & others


One of a kind guitar!

Custom Shop USA Made
7 string with 36 frets
Color: Aztec Gold with Gold Leaf graphics
Body: Mahogany
Delta wing shape with contoured surfaces
Neck: 5-piece Maple/Walnut
Fingerboard: Maple
Inlays: custom Triple Parabolic Dots
Pickup: custom shop 7-String Seymour Duncan "Custom 5" (TB14)
Hardware: Black
6 point deep bolt-on
25.5” scale
1-24 Medium jumbo, 24-36 Vintage tall frets
Detachable aluminum leg rest unit
Floyd Rose Double-Locking Bridge
Including original case and certificate

It comes with Dimarzio D-Sonic when I first bought it and then I replace it with a custom shop 7-String Seymour Duncan "Custom 5" (TB14) for heavier sound and more organic sound.

Condition: mint!! no ding, no dent, no scratch.

I bought it new at US$4600, I am asking for US$3400 or best offer

Since I am the webmaster of http://www.MartyFriedman.com, the back plate is also signed by Marty

Great for Uli Jon Roth fans or other metal/experimental music.

The Turbulence R-36’s massive neck provides the extended sonic range which stretches from the low B all the way to the 4th octave of the high E. For increased stability of their ultra flat profile, we decided to build these necks with a 5 piece lamination process of well seasoned quarter-sawn maple and walnut.
The Turbulence R-36's fingerboard features triple parabolic position markers and two different fret sizes. To achieve better fret spacing in the hyper range, Turbulence R has medium jumbo frets installed from 1-24 and skinny tall from 24 to 36. In order for these instruments to deliver maximum performance in their upper register, the lower body scoop was enlarged and the heel section of the neck re-sculpted.
All Turbulence R-36 guitars endorse the revolutionary Delta Wing ergonomic shape and the removable left-leg rest unit. Gary Kramer design team paid special attention to each and every detail of this highly sophisticated instrument.




Head amp only. Good condition, sounds great... fully functional, no problem. Transformer has been replaced with the best transformer that available: Mercury Magnetics. Tubes were replaced with JJ Tesla E34L

I bought this directly from the UK, so it's 230vac.


Photo: http://www.mayzan.com/sale/JMP50-head.jpg
Sound clips (I use this amp replicate Yngwie sound): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQFAqRftnHg


I bought the following parts from IbanezRules.com, but they're very rare.

- Ibanez Reb Beach RBM2/400 original pickguard (NEW/SEALED) 4PG1RBM. US$90
Photo: http://www.mayzan.com/sale/pickguardRBM2.JPG

- World Flight Case for JEM2KDNA or JS2KPLT - Near Mint US$390
Photo: http://www.mayzan.com/sale/casedna.jpg

1966 Fender Neck Plate. Serial number 13xxxx. For: stratocaster/telecaster/jazzbass/precision/jaguar US$140
Photo: http://www.mayzan.com/sale/neckplate66.jpg

1970's Rola Celestion G12M Greenback speakers
. Made by Rola Celestion, Ipswich, England! Like the one which used by Yngwie, Van Halen, Uli Jon Roth, etc. US$190 each
Photo (Speaker #1): http://www.mayzan.com/sale/greenback1.jpg
Photo (Speaker #2): http://www.mayzan.com/sale/greenback2.jpg
Sound clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQFAqRftnHg

All items will be ship from Asia. My Ebay ID for reference: marty-friedman

I only accept Wire Transfer, Western Union or Postal Money Order. You can send the payment to my friend's account in California or directly to me.

I am the webmaster of http://www.MartyFriedman.com . No worry, I am a serious collector.. I bought many guitars from USA. Check out my website: http://www.mayzan.com

If you have any question, please email me at: guitars@martyfriedman.com

I also looking for:

Gibson 490R pickup in zebra bobbin with 4 conductor.


Gibson Burstbucker 2 pickup (any color) with 4 conductor (normally removed from a Les Paul Axcess bridge pickup)

Please PM/email me ( guitars@martyfriedman.com ) with USPS Priority Mail shipping fee to Cypress, CA.

I can pay fast by PayPal.

I also looking for: Suhr "Riot" pedal with Low Serial (below 0010) in mint/excellent condition. Please email me the pics and just name your price

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I bought the pickguard at IbanezRules.com for $100.

No, I am not Marty.. I am his webmaster.
Additional info: the guitar is actually built and finished by Leo Scala (Steve Vai's ex-builder)
Price REDUCED TO US$3300 or make your best offer! Any offer will be considered!!
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