The sticky Amp, Pickup and FX thread seems to only contain amp information, so I'll ask here.

I have a Mexican Strat, 2007 or 2008 I think (this). I want some new pickups for it because the stock ones are very noisy, and are somewhat lacking in the tone department.

I want pickups that have a nice warm clean tone, and a bluesy crunch/distortion tone. I'm a rhythm guitarist, and I write some ambient guitar music that sounds like this. I'm after pickups that can improve my overall tone. For the ambient stuff I use chorus, delay and distortion with delay.

I've had a look at those Lace Sensor Purples, but they don't seem to be for sale anywhere in the UK.

That's about as through as I can be at the moment. Price is also a consideration; it'd have to be as cheap as possible unfortunately! Thanks for any advice that can be given, I don't know anything about pickups.
D'oh, just found the pickup thread. Still, if anyone would like to offer any advice I'd be grateful!
Looked at any Bare Knuckle pickups? They might have something you're after.