I've had this white Epi LP Custom I bought for about 400 bucks, and I was thinking of maybe selling to upgrade, or at least start a fund.

The thing is, I looked at musician's friend and guitar center's online shop to try and at least come up with a fair price, and I see they're selling the guitar (new of course) for 700 dollars. Now I know I wouldn't normally be able to sell a used guitar for store price, but the thing is, the Les Paul has had a few upgrades. It's been outfitted with chrome hardware, as opposed to the gold, and had the electronics upgraded, which were taken from a Gibson Les Paul. On top of that, the pickups have been swapped out for Gibson Burstbucker Pro's in both the neck and bridge positions. These all together come out to about 300 dollars in upgrades.

So, my question is, if I do decide to sell, could I potentially make a profit and sell this guitar for 700 dollars, or more even? If not, I'd like to hear some decent prices, or at least what you'd pay for such a guitar.

Thanks UG community.
Well..since you've swapped in burstbuckers,it gives more price but then again,might narrow the customer range because not anybody likes them. And some like the gold over chrome..
That guitar would pretty much be the one I want except for the hums...
I think you could go for 700 dollars since the upgrades cost 300 dollars..but what confuses me is that you first talk about bucks.
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.but what confuses me is that you first talk about bucks.

I'm gonna go ahead and presume you genuinely didn't understand that. Bucks is a slang word for dollars, commonly used in the USA and Australia.
The problem is when you upgrade you'll never get what you put into the guitar. This is why I tell people to keep the old parts and just make the guitar original, sell if for what you can get and sell the parts separately you usually end up with more money for it in the long run. Every guitar depreciates even true Gibsons they just depreciate differently. The price you can get all depends on how old the guitar is. Most used guitars go for less than half of their original cost as usually only about 1/3rd. I always say the best wat to gauge the price of a guitar is bring it into a shop and see what they would give you. Double that and that is usually what they would sell it for therefor the actual resale price.

I have bought a lot of upgraded guitars and I never paid more than what the guitar itself was worth no matter what the upgrades. I got my Agile with Gibson Classic 57s for less than $200.00 the pups alone are worth that or close but when put into an Agile the guitar is no more worth what any other Agile would sell for used. I coulds make a very long list of guitars I bought that were upgraded that I never paid more than what an original one would sell for. Now when you talk Gibsons or other high end big brand name guitar usually after market parts take away from the value!
Agree....when it comes time to sell I just pray to get something at least...you see stuff on ebay that just sits there with no bids all the time cause its overpriced
I payed about 3800 dollars for a 82 les paul custom back in 1999 decided to sell it last year,put it on for 2500 no bids,went to 2200 still no bids I ended up taking 1800 and counting my losses
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