Hi all....
Before two week's i had posted a thread...
I want to buy my firs el.guitar and then my choice was bullet strat...
Now I heard for Ibanez grx20, and I read rewievs on this page .
The rewievs was great....
I think that this guitar is more than better, then bullet....
My friend said that this guitar is sh**
It has a pore magnet, and etc...
But it's nice...can you help me?
Go a bit extra, and grab a RG321 mate!
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Quote by Quaned
Go a bit extra, and grab a RG321 mate!

how much is it....
it's not a bit extra, the RG321 is twice as much as the GRX20.

That being said, it is a much better guitar.

How much do you have to spend, TS?
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Quote by Quaned
Go a bit extra, and grab a RG321 mate!

you might aswell tell him to get a Jem

TS:-what is the most you can spend on a guitar at this time? so we can recommend something within budget or the other option if pups are your primary concern you can always upgrade those at a later date.

what style of music do you want to play?