Okay, so I'm learning about these unit called Rockman designed by Boston's guitarist, Tom Scholtz. They haven't made these products in nearly 20 years. After listening to some audio samples I love these!

Does anybody know any pedals that can recreate these sounds? I know you can download new sounds for the BOSS ME-25. Are these sounds available for anything like that?

Thanks for any help.

Cheers Matt.
Not sure man, it is a unique sound. Go ask in the guitar gear & accessories forum, and i guarantee you'll get more help
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I'm planning on setting up a car audio system with four 4" powered be a 4-channel amp, four 6.5" powered by a 4-channel amp and two 15" subs powered by a mono-channel amp. I was about to make my purchase using all JBL equipment when I listened to a friend of mine's Boston Acoustic Soundbar. I almost couldn't believe it.

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