I was looking through all of the "List of good threads" trying to find a thread for Raven amps but i couldnt find anything for it.

Does anyone ele have a Raven amp? and if so is it worth buying or should i sell it

PS - please tell me if it is wrong to make this thread. Im new hear and i do not really know what guidelines you guys close threads on. thanks
I think the tone sounds really wimpy even with the gain cranked, and I think it would be better to sell, i suggest a peavey vyper.
Sounds like you should have researched this before you bought the amp in question. But most people are going to tell you they just aren't very good amps.
nah i got it for christmas and it recently broke but they replace it for free with a brand new amp when it breaks. but i recently bought a rp155 pedal and i sort of like it but is it worth selling it and getting something else
I had an rg20 for a while...it worked fine as a practice amp but you'll get bored with the tone quickly.
Don't you hate it when non-musicians buy musicians stuff without first talking to them about it?
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They sound like shit. Peavey Vypyr FTW!!!!
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eh my other guitarist has the halfstack version. i couldnt seem to do anything to get it to sound good for me but he got a good chunky rythm sound out of it somehow, so go figure. he also managed to make a line 6 passable for tech death, i think his lack of skill and the amps lack of good tone cancel out to make a good sound.