Hey, this is my first venture into self recording, so please give me any critique or helpful advice that you can. i ran all the bass and guitar tracks through a line 6 UX2 straight into garage band. I used my rickenbacker 4003 for the bass, a 09 strat for the rhythm and my Les Paul for the lead work, also i used an Akai Mpk49 for the organ sounds in the background.


i know the sound quality sucks ass, i was hoping someone could tell me why XD

also I'm more than happy to take song suggestions!
Were you recording with a click track? If not you should because your timing is off at points. Also the bass could have been louder since it plays a big role and I think the rhythm guitar plays a wrong chord in that progression, maybe I'm just going crazy but one of those just doesnt feel like it fits.

Oh and reverb would make the lead sound better, and perhaps a bit less distortion.

Hope this helps
Thanks, there was a click track but i was having problems finding the right bpm, so i just went with what the original sounded like. now should i use distortion from garage band, or just run the signal through my pedalboard, which is what i did?

also i was using sevenths and shiz so i probably did play a wrong chord knowing me XD