Now I had a dream last night. I was at my high school. And the teachers were zombies. And the students were regular people. It was late at night. We were playing this awesome zombie version of tag.

Here were the rules.

Zombies have to turn regular people into zombies
Students had 10 points to turn into zombies.
If you were hit by a zombie you loose 1 point
If you were bit by a zombie you loose 5 points.
Only one student can win.
To win you have to escape the school and sprint to the safe zone/winners circle.

What made this awesome in my dream was that it was a no holds barred type of game. People were lighting the school on fire. People were breaking windows. People were tearing this place apart. The person that won was me too. It went down like this. I had gotten to the Gym of the school and at the end of the gym is the main lobby. I had taken one of the teachers Cains and used it as a shield/ weapon. From there I sprinted out the gym. But it turned into another part of the school. There was a door to the left. A door to the Right and the library in the middle. As I exit the gym. I barred the doors shut and proceed through the library. Out of the Library comes one of the Jazz instructors. A big black guy. He was sneezing like there was no tomorrow. I asked if he was a zombie and he said no. He said Jake you know me Im always sick. It then occurred to me that he had spread a virus causing all the teachers to turn to zombies. I rushed thrugh the library and was caught off guard by the laziest zombie I have ever seen. He looked at me sat down and just fell asleep. As the back of the library burst into flames my only option was to jump through the windows to the outside. I did that, sprinted to the front and won the game. After that it was a big party.

Now I think that if done correctly and with about 500 people I could play this game for real.

TL;DR I had an awesome dream that involved a game that I wanna play for real now. Ever experience something like that?
So we have to make THE GAME?

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That looks rather epic.

It is, especially considering how large the campus is and how many people play (I think last years turnout was like 250).
So you're telling us your subconcious came up with a points based game? Wow.
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students at a college near where i live plays a game kinda like this...

its just called Humans vs Zombies...

Humans run around with nerf guns and shoot the zombies in between classes. Zombies have to chase and tag humans to make them into zombies.

Classes are safe zones
That sounds freakin awesome minus the biting part. I'd set it up more like

Touched by a zombie (Contact), -1.
Grabbed by a zombie (I don't have a name for this), -2 per second they've got you.
Shoot a zombie, +1.
Kill a zombie (Mercy), +2.
Kill a zombie that's grabbing someone (Savior), +4.
Teamkill, your points get halved.
Reach the end (Flawless Victory), +50 with some kind of time bonus.
Reach 0 points (Infected), become a zombie with ten Zombie Points.
Infect someone, +5 ZP.
Contact someone, +1 ZP.
Reach 0 ZP, you're done.

That way you could have a human winner and a points and a zombie winner It would be hard to make sure people don't cheat though.

SHEdit: Actually, that sounds like it would make an awesome online shooter.


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