Okay I've decided to buy a power supply. I'm thinking of going with either the Voodoo ISO-5 or the T-Rex Chameleon. Can I get some feedback on these pedals, and maybe some other good power supplies? I need one with an 18v outlet.

Right now I'm kind of leaning toward the Chameleon because it seems to be the most versatile of the two, voltage-wise.

One more thing, someone told me I would have a problem using one manufacturer's power supply with another manufacturer's pedals. Now I think this is complete bs, but is there something I don't know?

Oh yea you might want to know my gear:
Ibanez TS7
MXR Stereo Chorus
Keeley Compressor
CEPedals FET Dream
Catalinbread Semaphore Tremolo
Red Witch Delay
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You can combine two outlets on the Pedal Power 2+ to get an 18V outlet, can't remember which cable it is.

With regards mixing manufacturers, the only thing you have to be careful of is making sure the polarity of the input/jack are correct. Most are centre-negative, but there are some that use centre-positive.
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I recently purchased the Chameleon as a replacement for my old Fuel Tank Junior (which didn't have 12v as an option). I also felt like I needed more power per-outlet.

Don't get me wrong when I say this, but I'm having some noise issues with this one. Two of the outlets have a definite 'crackle' when I touch the cables connecting to the pedals. I have contaced T-Rex through email, but I don't believe they use that service anymore, opting for telephone calls instead. I'll phone them next week some time, hopefully it can be resolved.

The unit itself serves a very good purpose. It supplies enormous amounts of power, at varying voltages, and with relative quietness. However, I personally believe you won't need half of what the Chameleon offers since you're only running basic pedals. The T-Rex is really designed for running large, complicated delay pedals like the Eventide TimeFactor - and T-Rex obviously.

For what you have I'd suggest the classic Pedal Power 2. It really is a fantastic unit. I'm going to pick one up probably when my pedal board progresses beyond the five outlets of my Chameleon. I really only bought the Chameleon as a way in which to run powerful pedals. At this time I don't have any, but that will be changed some enough.

You may also be fine with something like a BBE Supa Charger, T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior and ISO-5. It really depends. Also, if you live in Europe, check out Cioks Power Supplies, they are supposedly superb. Remember to pick one that has regulated AND isolated outputs. Anything that doesn't have that may cause 'humming' and 'buzzing'.
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If you're good with electronics, I'd highly recommend you to build your own. Buying stuff like a Dunlop power brick is just a huge scam. For like 10th of the price, you can get as many outputs(if not more), +regulated ones, AND you're sure to have all the voltages you need.

As for the mixing manufacturers, if you take care about the polarity, it's complete BS. A power supply is a power supply(as long as it's linear). As long as you have the correct voltage, and that you don't surpass the current draw of the supply, you're fine.
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