Hey guys,

Right now I have a Fender American Standard Stratocaster hooked up to a Line 6 Spider III (which I don't really like). I am looking for a nice tube amp within the $500 range that has a nice clean tone but also can be overdriven to get a classic rock crunch tone. I have tried amps like the Vox AC4TV and the Fender Blues Jr and am leaning towards getting a Blues Junior. Does anyone have any suggestions for a nice tube amp somewhere within my price range?
I found a used Marshall DSL401 for about $550, and I love it, plus it fits your criteria. If you can find one, I highly reccomend it.
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i feel like this question gets posted every hour or so and i repeat myself too much.

here's what you should look for buddy.
peavey - classic 30
bugera - 333xl, v22/55, and 6262
fender - blues jr, hot rod deluxe,
jet city amps - the 20 watt thing (not sure of its name)
blackstar - ht20
vox - ac15
egnater - tweaker, rebel
kustom - defender
traynor - the ycv series (all are very different, so try playing them all if they fall in your price range)

try them all out, and try others i havent mentioned. i only put down my personal favourites. also, dont be afraid to go used. amps are reliable enough that its not much of a risk buying a used one. warranties are almost always useless (although at this price point, they may be worth it)