Finally got my guitar. I ordered it online. Now I am a total noobie so I spent today just tuning my guitar which would not been so bad if it was not so far out of tune. When my auto tuner is saying I am playing 1E and I am really playing 3G needless to say I had work cut out for me since 5 of the 6 strings were as bad. Probably easy for someone who knows what they are doing but took me a few to realize how bad it was. I think I did pretty good job tuning because it sounded like the CD instruction I bought. Also learned to relative tune.

Started learning 3 chords E, D, and A. Needless to say my finger tips are chewed up and that A chord is a bit tough I am guessing it will come as hands/fingers build up.

I learned more in 1 and half hours tuning my guitar and these 3 chords than 6 months of guitar lessons when I was 12.
Good for you!

This is in the Bass Forum.... FAIL!
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