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All or Nothing
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Apparently Nothing
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Do Wrong
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Fall Apart
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1 100%
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Saying Goodbye
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Voters: 1.
Our debut record "All or Nothing" is now available. You can preview our album on our official website.


The site is not completely finished but feel free to search around, read our band bios(take them with a pinch of salt) and check out our blogs & photos.

If you wish to buy an album you may do so via iTunes, CD Baby, Digstation or our official website.

iTunes: Just search Blackburn x.

CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/blackburnx

Digstation: http://www.digstation.com/ArtistAlbums.aspx?artistname=blackburnx

If you wish to get ahold of one of us please e-mail our record label and recording studios: eljayrecords@gmail.com or blackburn_rover_jim@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks for your time and Rock on!


Jim(James) of Blackburn X
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