Since this place is visited by so many people, I figured this is the best place to ask.

Looking for an artist on Youtube who also sells his songs on iTunes. He plays the keyboards, has a bit of a rock vibe to it (makes it sound like an electric guitar) and usually plays 2 keyboards at a time. Really cool songs but I forgot his name or any of the songs names. I think people should remember him cause he always says "Hey Youtube" in a weird voice before all his videos and is pretty popular, wears glasses as well. All original music as well. I'm sure someone here has seen his videos and knows what I mean..... I hope!
2003 Music Man Axis Pacific Blue Burst
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Goddamn that kicks so much ass.

I know, such a kick ass tune. The guy definitely has talent. Check out this guy who does a cover and plays it on guitar. You wonder why people like this aren't playing live in from of thousands. I guess some don't want to, and don't want all the BS that comes with it and just make music they enjoy on their own time rather then be forced to produce so called hits.

Anyways, heres the guitar cover to it...
2003 Music Man Axis Pacific Blue Burst