Hello all.

I am a big fan of text based games and have been playing them for over 20 years now (yes i am that old). Over the past 3-4 years i have gotten more into online text based games though and have basically played all the main ones online now.

I would like to recommend a new one which just came out called Lord Empires. The game is very deep, with allot of thought going into the game mechanics. You take on the role of a ruler in the middle ages and your goal is to build up and develop your city. Unlike Sim city though, progress mainly depends on how well you collaborate with your neighbors (which are human players). You can do several things such as trade, connect roads and also go to war.

The main focus of the game is on the "clan" aspect though, you can create your own clan and can work together to win the country or religion elections which are held once every month or group up to fight rogues or other clans.

Overall review

- Still in Beta, which means it is not finished yet, there are a few little issues still being fixed here and there, it is still a work in progress, last reset planned end August.
+ Being a new game it has good potential, especially if you want to create. an epic clan or shoot up the city rankings fast.

- Not visually appealing
+ Being in Beta plays a role in this, however it is a text based game anyway, so graphics and sound will never be high up the list of advantages.

- Detail can be overwhelming to new members despite the manual and tutorials.
+ Depth is actually its strong point, so for those which crave the "little details" then this is a game for you.

- Slow paced game, war does not start for weeks later, often seems there is not much to do.
+ The game is suppose to be played just 5-10 minutes per day over several weeks or even months, so you technically are not "suppose" to be doing lots of things every day, most the development you see over time.

I am playing the game currently, my ruler name is Master Yoda and i am based in the USA, founder of the Jedi Order clan. If you need any help send me a message in game and i will show you around.

To join the game go here:

Good luck and may the Force be with you!
May the *reported* be with you too, fella!
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