I started working on this a couple days ago. I mostly started on it after seeing this picture of Al Capone. I was originally trying to make a song imagining him on the night streets of Chicago back in his day...but I kind of drifted away from that general idea.

I'm not too sure about the synth that comes in about half-way through, so that's likely to change. This is also still a WIP, but I'm out of ideas for now and just want some comments/criticism/insight toward it. Thanks.

It's 'FL7' in my profile, C4C. Thanks.
Wow, an excellent arrangement. One of the most refreshing things I've heard on here in a long time. For the most part I think it is set, I wouldn't drastically change anything. The only thing I would alter is the drums. To me they are a little hyperactive during the main instrument areas. Personally I would back off on them and make sure they are supplying the main rhythm section in the song. To show what I mean, when the song goes from the main instrument section to the short drum fill there really isn't a difference in how active the drums are. Also I would leave the synth part in there. I really think that adds a different dimension to the piece.

Very well done.

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