Hi I Am Hans Hammer. I Come Out Germany. You Are Smelling Bad. I Hate Yous. You Is Bad At Footballing. Die Die Die Die Die Die. Why You So Ugly? Killing You. I Eated Your Face. I Walk On You During I Wear My Nail Slippers Of Pain. Do You Like The Winning? No You Dont. You Know What I Am Liking About You? This Is Being Most Likely Not Anything. Hey. Your Favorite Sporting Team Is Suck. ****. Can I Allowed Am Able To May I Say That? I Am Not Caring. I Say It Noneoftheless. Bort The Goallineblitz God Hates You Too. Zeus The God God Of God Is Hates You In Addition Too Also As Well. You Real Bad. You More Negative Things. Your Race Is Unsuperior For My Race. I Mean This Not In Racist Way So Please Do Not Ban My Thread Of Me Is Better Than You Is. You Know Your Mom? I Too. Very Good. Youre Sister? Same Thing. You Know Your Dad? I Am Feeling Good. Thanking You For The Asking. You Know Youre Dead Grandparent? Oh. I Sorry. Just A Joke. I Am Being Very Happy That He Is Deathed. You Know Your Dog? Uh. You A Little Weird I Am Thinking. Your Insignificant Other? I Have Many Sex With Her On Regular Bases. Okay I Move On To New Topics Of Subjects For Discussion. No. I Not Do This. I Continue On About You Be The Worse For All. You So Ugly That I Want Kill My Kid So He No More A Suffer. I Am Having A Joke. What The Difference Between You And Something Else. Something Else Is Not So Stupid!! You Are A Damn A Ugly A Poop And Shut Up. Is It True You Goed To Doctor And He Confirm You Are Have Sex With Goatdwarfs? I Believe This. Do You Want Fight Me? Yes? I Am Not Caring. I Fight You Noneoftheless And I Win This Fighting As I Kill You. In Closing You Are Worse Than Me And Your Team Is Worse Than My Team. I Win. You Lose. I Am Happy. You Are Sad. You Are Ugly. I Am Pretty. You Smell Bad. I Smell Very Very Good. The People Who Gived Your Birth Are Alcoholics. The People Who Gived My Birth Are Too Also As Well Alcoholics. This Only Coincidence. Your Owner Does Not Care About You One Singulary Bit At All. All My Owner Are Love Me So Much. They Want Make Love With Me. They Never Bust Your Fruitgrape. Finish.
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The truth is, Muslims never apologized for their faith having something to do with the attacks on 9/11.
this is the same guy who tried to get us to believe he knocked up his half sister, gtfo dude
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Oh, hello mister tracer! Lets dance!
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And we all poop in the sandwiches!

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