I have been getting lessons on how to play guitar now for about a month from a long time family friend. I used to really like this guy, as a friend, up until these lessons started. He always hits my fingers with a little wooden dowel when I play a wrong note and that shit hurts. I want to tell my parents what he is doing and I want to quit getting lessons but I dont want to make my mom upset because this is her friend and I dont want my dad to call me a failure because I quit something, again. Any suggestions?
Tell him to stop hitting your fingers, make your mum sit in lessons with you...

Or hit him back (joke)
smoke him in the face haha that's fed up he beats you for a wrong note
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Ive told him to stop it, he keeps doing it. My mom wouldnt believe me anyways. This guy WAS practically family.
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ask him to teach you how to play "hammer smashed face"

My piano teacher did the same thing. It actually isn't all that uncommon. That said it's annoying as hell. Just tell your teacher that you aren't comfortable learning in that manner. Either that or tell your parents that you don't enjoy learning from him, and cite your reasons if necessary.
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Oh yeah.

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make your mum sit in lessons with you...

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Is he your step father or something ??
i dont really know ,
there can be 2 results out of that .
1. you'll be a very good guitarist (only if he's a really good teacher)
2. you'll get that much fed up that you'll never play guitar again .

but first you should judge his talent , if he's good enough .
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thats ridiculous. no competent teacher would need to do that to make a point and no smart teacher would risk damaging one of his students hands. get a new teacher, tell your parents whats happening (record it if necessary).
Tell him to stop being a dick.

Teach yourself.

New teacher.

Fire him. Your dad wont call you a failure if you tell the truth of why you dont want lessons from him.
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troll?? haha whats that?
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