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i've been writing this one for a long time...i think i started it sometime last year. it's more personal and straightforward, musically and lyrically than a lot of the stuff i've done in the past...it has sort of a "Devin Townsend writes a Foo Fighters song" type of sound. or something listen through headphones for a better balance. at least, i think it sounds better that way.

tell me what you think! i'd also appreciate any advice on mixing stuff in garageband, since i'm pretty much at the end of my rope as far as figuring things out for myself. i've been screwing with EQs a bit and putting master effects on the whole thing but i still feel like my songs could sound better. mind you i'm just recording my amp through the macbook mic, haha.
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It sounds really cool. I like it. There are some parts where you can bring up the vocals a bit, where they're really quiet... They're almost non-existent. I love your voice too, sounds a LOT like Adam Pascal from Rent (Don't ask how I know the dude's name... I just do.)

Try getting a student version of Logic9 Express. Its only 60 bucks, and its pretty powerful for not being the full version. The only problem with the student version is that it doesn't upgrade to LogicPro.. Try doubling tracks and throwing a bit of delay to one side on the double, then turn it down in the mix... Idk how to do it in GB though.

Crit mine?
Woah, you really nice voice; I can hear a bit of the Devin Townsend influence. =] And the solo sounds really great too! You should bring it up towards the front of the mix. The drum sound could be fixed; I use Steven Slate Drums EX(since you asked ). Compress your vocals a bit a more and it'll bring them out. Anyways, the whole song was amazing throughout the entire seven minutes, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Thanks for commenting on my work by the way!
You were not really clear on which track I am meant to be critting so ill crit Cerulean Cities

The transition from Acoustic to Classic Death Metal is pretty amazing dude The solos are also amazing. I like it lots when the guitar follows the vocals at around 2:00

And 2:20 isnt something you hear everyday either My only suggestions would be The mix is pretty average quality and the fake Drums could do with some more humanisation
Good stuff! Great recording and mixing. Riffing is ok, but quite generic. Everything works good together though, reminds me a bit of Disarmonia Mundi. ^^

The intro solo wasn't very good tbh. Boring, uninspired, technically bad compared to the rest. You should remove it, and write a new solo. There's also a note (G) that's dissonant in a bad way which you rest on as well.

All in all, really good. Now get some vocals!

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