Yeah basically I want either a Jackson Rhoads, King V, or possibly a Warrior...but I'm sort of on a budget...Of something like £300

I definitely don't mind buying second hand. Also, if someone here could tell me about the actual differences apart from looks of the King V, Rhoads and Warrior models, that would be cool Also which do you reccomend, practically, and to keep within budget (not based on appearance as I like all 3 by looks)

Also, I think I might be getting a really nice amp, a Vox Valvetronix, 30, 50 or maybe even an 100 watt one, so maybe if my amp kicked ass, then it would matter less about having a completely awesome quality Jackson to go into it? (I have tried by friends VT series valvetronix 30 watt, and you can get some KICK ASS old school metal tones out of it like Megadeth)

Thanks for looking!

also that kick ass amp you love sucks.
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I mean this one time I was jacking it pertty hard and was making noises and what not

You, my friend, are a genius!
Did you check musicians friend, or ebay at all first before comming here?
A JS30 rhoads or king v, that solves the guitar.
Go try out amps, it's the only real way to know if you really like the amp.
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King v is easier to sit down with than the Rhoads
King v is equal to the Rhoads on a strap.
Warrior model is the easiest to sit down with.
Cheap RRs suck ass. Generally. Really terrible guitars imo.
Cheap King V's are a lot better than Cheap rhoads. like you can actually play it.
Warriors are kinda equal to king V's In terms of quality and sound.

I would still, neither have either 3.

+ Them and a vox VT are pretty laughable. Even though that amp is good for everything else.

don't get a line 6 or i'll murder you in your sleep.

So in guitars, either get a dinky/soloist cause the odd shape ones on the cheap are TERRIBLE compared to dinky/soloist

But i'd still not have a cheap jackson. Still wouldn't.
I'd buy an agile. Does the brand name really matter?
Or i'd buy a cort.

Amps, um. A randall with a compressor or a tubescreamer to give it a kick?
You clearly know your stuff

Well, from what you've told me (and by the way I think you said it really clearly and informatively) The Rhoads is now out of it for me.

I think I'll go for a King V or Warrior, but as you said, brand name doesen't matter, it just would be cool. I don't really want to get a dinky or soloist, sorry I know this is stupid, it's just I really want a guitar that's got a metal shape this time, even if I have to spend a bit more money

As for the amp...well right now I got a Marshall VS100 Head and VS 4x12 cab...and it's pretty good, but for a really metal tone...I don't know it doesen't seem to be all that metal compared to like my friend's Vox Valvetronix VT 30 watt. I dunno, maybe a good distortion pedal for it?
Isn't there a Jackson JS30R and a KV10 that would fall right into your price range?

I wouldn't buy a distortion pedal for the VT. I'm pretty sure they don't handle distortion pedals very well. If I were you, I'd go with something analog. More along the lines of a Peavey from the Transtube series, if you cannot afford an actual tube amp. You can get the 80W for $300 USD... you could probably find used ones for somewhere around 100-130 euros. They've been around for a good 20 years.
2nd hand RR3

also check out 2nd hand Peavy VK's.

If i were you i would stop buying "low end" guitars....

put more money towards a 2nd higher gain tube amp and i think you would be much happier with the results,

instead of cheap "metal" guitar and a modeller of debatable quality.

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