Which is better, the older AD series, or the newer VT series?

I've tried my friends 30 watt VT valvetronix, and it kicks alot of ass, good megadeth tone, very metal...are the old AD ones as loud/metal/got the same effects? whats the difference between them anyway?

The first line of Valvetronix amps was split into AD and XL models, the XL was (relatively) more suited to modern metal and lead playing. The newer VT series combines all of the original models (some were renamed), dropped a really horrible auto-wah effect, and gave reverb an independent control so that it can be used along with the other effects.
I find that the older AD/VTs models sound better than the new VT series though the VT has more models and sort of projects the sound better - i found the models sound a bit fizzy on the new VTs, as opposed to the AD/VTs having a muddy output from the stock speaker (which i'm told, could be fixed by removing the back panel so you've got an "open back" cabinet)
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VT has independent reverb and are clearer than the AD IMHO
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VTs have more models and effects I think, and like 11 saveable presets. The AD has 2.

I've heard the AD's were less "digital" sounding, but mine is a bit muddy sometimes. I'm certain a new speaker would fix that problem though.
I don't think the VT is digital as all that. If you compare to something like Line 6 (not knocking Line 6, but the Spiders are pretty digital sounding), then it's not so digital.
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