Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I'm slightly retarded.
Basically I'm fascinated by this craze of electronic music, I wanna get into more of it, start making my own, drums, synth, that tasty tasty wobble bass, you know thething. Probably. At our college we have these beautiful iMacs, with Logic pro and a midi keyboard. This is pretty good for this kinda stuff, but here at home, all I have is godamn windows xp. Godamnit. I am willing to spend some coin on program/software/whatever, but there's a small chance I can afford an actual iMac, plus the nice screen, then Logic, etc. etc. What can I do? Abything that'll be kinda like Logic, and now just electronic music, but other stuff as well, ala logic? Jeez I'm obsessed with Logic. And if end came to end, and I had to get an iMac, what'd be the cheapest route to go? And also, anyone care to reccomend some good electronic/ this kinda stuff artists/bands? I wanna get into some more for inspiration lol

As always, Luffin Yh00 P1T M0NK3YZ 4EVA

Disclaimer: I am not actually female, or retarded. But I love you guys. More than toast. Or some other fulfilling easy-to-make-cheap foodstuffs.
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