So I have been playing guitar for 3 years now. I usually play simple chords while singing.

At my school, someone I don't know played the guitar. And I really liked it, because the guitar was very crisp and clear.

I realized that when I play the guitar, my sound is very muffled. As if the strings are being muted. Part of the reason I think is because when I play barre chords, my finger isn't strong enough to push all the the down. But I have a speculation that it is part of my strumming.

See, I don't use a pick, mainly because I don't really know how XD So I thought the way I strum with my finger is wrong. But the guy in the talent show strummed with fingers too. He was like snapping his whole wrist as he was hitting the strings. I never understood what he did.

Basically, how do you strum using fingers and get a crisp metallic sound with it?
I only play with my fingers, too. The weird thing i've learnt about strumming with my fingers is it's just something you learn to do over time via experimentation. People strum in different ways, i either use all my fingers curled like a hook with my index resting on my thumb for down strokes, and my thumb just on its own for striking upwards.

People may disagree with me here, but the weird thing is when you find the perfect way to strike the strings, you can strike the strings in anyway you want and it still sounds right. it's as if your hand knows more than you do.

That being said, that clean metallic sound comes with either picks or brand new strings.

Some guitars sound clean and clinical to me anyway, like some of the mid range yamahas...

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Do you cut your(strumming hand) finger nails very shortly?If so-the sound will always be a little dull.Grow your nails longer and sound will be more crispy.