I work at a supermarket type place, and there are self-checkouts there. I bought an ice tea and a chocolate milk. I accidentally left my wallet at the self-checkout. Well, after looking for 30 minutes, I decide to ask the store to look at the cameras. The guy after me took it, whats ****ed up, is I was standing right by it talking to someone, and the guy never said anything, and just walked by and took it.

Got the police involved, and since our store has it's own card, where you need people's info, we looked that up and have the guys name, number, address, and all that junk. Police told me to go home and they were gonna find everything out and give me a call.

In my wallet was my ID, my debit card, $100, a couple gift cards, my secondary health insurance card my mom gave me for emergencies and stuff.

I'm still waiting for a call from the police, and I know it won't be later.

But, has anyone had anything similar happen to them and what was the outcome?

Edit: inb4ijustfoundawalletwithetc....
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Thats why I put the inb4 thing, but I know it will still happen. oh well, what you gonna do.
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Mirror thread impending.

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you're lucky they were able to get all that info man

i was in epcot last week in disney world and dropped my iphone and some nice person picked it up and handed it in to the staff so i got it back...i just got it though, so that was a pretty scary experience!
If you left your wallet sitting out, you're lucky you even have a lead on what happened to it dude.


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Might wanna call your bank and have the card canceled.

My mom did that, cause she had to get home so she left me at the place I work while I waited and all that junk. She canceled everything I had in there that could be canceled.
I had something similar happen. Once I was at a supermarket in Pittsburg, and one of the employees left his wallet on a checkout! Being the stealthy mother****er I am, I took it and he didn't even notice!

There was a couple gift cards in there, some other bullshit that I couldn't figure out what they were for, and about a $100. I spent in on crack.

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Mirror thread impending.


I was just about to do one....

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Wallet was stolen when I was in a croud at a music festival during Hollywood Undead. Didn't have but 10 dollars in it thank god but I had a guitar pick I got from Story Of The Year.
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did you see his address/number?

No, all I saw was his birth year, which was like 1950. I have a feeling it wasn't his advantage card, maybe a parents or something.
my wallet once fell out of my pocket at my county's zoo parcking lot, didnt notice till i got home..2 days later it came in the mail everying still in it..so i guess i got lucky some nice lady found it?
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Get your credit card canceled. Now.

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I was talking to my ex, cause her best friend had her wallet stolen from someone at work. She said I probably won't get a call for weeks, even if they know who did it. Little bullshit if you ask me.

Edit: Hers was literally stolen though because they put their purses in a room, and the girl that stole her shit was in there and just took it. Not like me being a dumbass and leaving it somewhere.
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Got my wallet stolen after some punk broke into my hotel room while I was asleep. Reported it to the police, they assume I brought a whore back to my room and she ran off with it. I'm 17, wtf?! They wouldn't let me look at the surveillance cameras and pretty much told me to fuck. Needless to say, I didn't get my $200, driver's license or military ID back.

Police just called informing me they have my wallet with everything in it.