Alrighty, I know that there's a "Covers That Are Better Than The Orignal" thread. But, this is just favorite covers. Even if it's not as good as the original, it can still be your favorite COVER, no?

So, go pit, go.

Mine are Machine Head's version of Hallowed Be They Name and GN'R's version of Ain't It Fun.
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Feeling Good - Muse
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Mississippi Queen - W.A.S.P.

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stroke the furry walls.
anyday - derek trucks band

EDIT: anything DTB covers is always awesome.
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Machine Head's cover of Battery and Megadeth's cover of Anarchy In the UK or I Ain't Superstituous. But then Antisocial by Anthrax is sweet.


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Shinedown- Simpleman FTW!!!!!!!
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Pantera's cover of Planet Caravan. Although it is better than the original.
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Machine Head's Hallowed be thy Name is pretty kick ass. first cover that came to my head that wasn't Hallelujah or something.
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I quite like John Mayer's version of 'Crossroads', massively different from the original and I think the vibe he gave it topped the Cream version. Also loved Rufus Wainwrights version of 'Everybody Knows' by Leonard Cohen, great lyrics and a great voice delivering them. And SRV's 'Superstition', went to great places with an already great track.