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I'm on the Good Trader List with a X16
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For Sale is a DiMarzio 36th Anniversary PAF DP103 neck humbucker. $40 Shipped.
The pickup is in pretty good condition. You can see for yourself in the pics. The wires are around 11 inches long. It works great, I just decided to go active and installed an EMG 85.

DiMarzio's description:
The DiMarzio PAF DP103 humbucker pickup has a smooth, almost voice-like quality and that intangible swell to the notes after attack. It possesses vintage output and breathes freely with an open, warm character. Played flat-out through a non-master volume tube amp, the 36th anniversary PAF recreates the deep character of the great plug-in, turn-up and wail school of tone. Modern potting techniques and tight, consistent winding eliminates squeal and microphonics common to the original guitar pickups.

Now for the Pics:

If you want more pics or have any questions, post in this thread or PM me.

Feel free to make trade offers.
I can add some cash if you have something worth more than my pickup.

Some things I'm lookin' for:
EMG 81
EMG 60
Reverb Pedal
Volume Pedal
Wah Pedal

I might trade for other things though. So offer whatever you've got. I just might take it.

Here are my Trade References.