My Dual Actions Planet Waves died to early today.
I woke up.
Went to swim practice.
Went job hunting.
Went to go play my guitar, and found my capo in pieces.
And to find one of them missing.
I found on half of it.
Can't find the other=/

I need a new capo.
Any good ones you can think of?
I just buy the Kyser ones cause I tend to lose them... and then find them months later so now I have like 3.
I have a huge fear if rays.
There's a bit of personal preference in what you like, but I like Shubbs myself.
Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.
shubb shubb shubb shubb SHUBB i love shubb
I'm up for building you a pedal.
(Or modding nearly anything moddable)
(PM Me.)