I'm hard on myself but I know I don't sound good, but some people have told me I have, strangers that is, anyway anyway I know you guys are cool calm and harsh so what better way to find out than here, I just popped a mic into my pc, relaxed and sang a bit, its on my profile called voice test.

i'm all ears
I wouldn't say you are the most technical singer of all, but you do have a certain style about you that I like quite a bit, actually. And don't ever think technicality is the most important thing of all, I believe singing with emotion and from the soul is what really counts. I know what you mean about being a hard critic to yourself, I am to myself just as well. But don't hold anything back man, you would sound great with some accompaniment. Try out singing and playing guitar, its hard but you could get a lot out of it I think.
You have a very Jim Morrison vibe about you, and that's a good thing. Just let it all go, sing out like you can't contain any emotion inside you, and it will sound amazing. Just believe in yourself, and sing out like it doesn't matter who can hear you.
WOW i really wasn't expecting this, I thought everyone would say I suck lol. I am happy for all the replies! every last one. And You guys are correct. I don't know why but i do "hold
back for some damn reason. maybe its mental?
and it was Hurt the Johnny Cash Version
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