My tone knob is loose, and would like to know if I can fix it or something??
Also my bridge pickup seems to be kind of weird. My neck pickup is fine, it's perfect. But, when I switch to the bridge, it feels like the gain is there, but the tone isn't. Any Advice? Thanks.
P.S. Would like to know the size of tool I need to fix my knob? Thanks
So you say your tone sucks from your bridge pickup?

Don't Hellraisers come with EMG's? I think your problem is solved, sir.

For the tone knob, if it has a set screw, tighten it. If it doesn't, pull the knob off and tighten the nut that holds the pot in place. If that doesn't fix it, buy a new knob.
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that made me lol, yes it does come with EMG's. but they are amazing. Maybe one of the wires might be loose that's causing the lack of awesomeness. It never used to be like that.