I have been working on and off on this song for about 2 weeks. For the most part I think it is finalized. This recording is really just to get an idea of it, so it's really supposed to be professional. While there are some pops in the vocals, and the volume levels are a little messy it is still better than other recordings I've done.

Anyway the song is on my profile, just let know what you think and as always C4C.
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Thanks for the review! I like what you have goin' on with your tune! Though I certainly don't think it would hurt to add some drums & bass (even if it sounds good as is). Guitars sound very good, I like the way you double-tracked them. Ditto for the vocals, though sometimes you have a third vocal (lower pitch) that comes in on the chorus that you could lower the volume (and lower the bass frequencies) on, it's a bit boomy. It's a very good song!
Hey dude, I thought that was really well played. The guitar playing was pretty tight and the riffs were solid. It reminds me of some other alt-rock hits that I've heard before, so I think you have a great foundation here. I agree about the drums and the bass, that would definitely elevate the quality of the track. My favorite part was the riffing around 2:30 where you threw in some 16th notes. The vox sounded pretty cool being multi tracked like they were. Great work on this one, and keep it up!
thanks for the crit on my song. your style is nice. flows well. the vocals are great but need more kick and "umph". I really enjoyed how you have the light and slow stuff and the heavy fast stuff. variety in music keeps the audience listening. I can see it going far with a nice drummer.
Good little Alt. Rock tune you've got there. Needs some extra parts though. I could actually see some piano fitting in there

Mixing was pretty cool. The only suggestion I guess I could really give is to try and make the song more organic and fluid throughout the composition.
It sounds good as it is but I'd really like to hear it with drums, could bring it to a new level. Great vocals. I like the part that starts at 2.46, lifts it up a bit. Do I hear some Foo Fighters inspiration ? sounds great now go get a drummer!
First off: love the way you dig into the line "remind me to stare" for the chorus. Can't explain why, but that line always is the one that jumps out at me. Creative use of vocal harmonies, but I think they could be executed a smidge better. They lock together much better once you start your bridge/outro.

If I'm being honest, I think this is a rocking song idea. I feel like if I heard this live, with a drummer, bassist, and all that jazz then I'd jump up and rock out to this song. As it is, this track has alot of potential, but alot of the "weight" of the music is lost in the recording. I don't mean this to be an insult by any means; there's nothing structure wise I'd change on this song. All the magic is there, you just have to find a way to capture it!

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