Some riffs I came up with while I was in the shower. Thoughts?

EDIT: YouTube user iClownnn did some vocals to my song idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAD29yXjJDg Pretty amazing. :O

Also, check out my other work: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1318151

Thanks in advance!
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excellent! i'm generally not too big on stuff with a lot of chugging on the bottom string, but you threw in a lot of really cool harmonies and melodies that I wasn't expecting, like the out-of key chord at :41. i also especially liked the sliding at 1:27, that was a nice little surprise.

my one minor nitpick is that i think the breakdown near the end is a bit predictable and bland, but otherwise this was pretty intense and exciting. what program do you use for your drums? i've been wanting to switch mine up since Garageband's soundfonts leave a lot to be desired, and yours sound really good.

check mine out if you have the time!
Thanks for the comments bdof and flame843! =] I'll try to mess around with my ideas, especially the end riff, to help filter out some of the generic-ness. I use Steven Slate Drums EX for the drums by the way.

I'll check out your guys' work in a bit.
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Dude, epic stuff! Added and subscribed. Very well played, great rhythms on the drums and guitar. I liked that harmony part at the end too, that was pretty nice. Can't wait to hear more!