Hey guys.
I have a problem.
I need a new amp. But i can't decide what. i look at demo's online, but they are all distorted and such.
Here's my query;
i need a moderately priced tube amp.
I don't care about the reverb or the drive channel or what they sounds like.
I don't want any digital onboard efffects.
I want a very clean, very clear, Bright, Crisp sounding amp.
I don't want it too bluesy or to have alot of breakup at all.
I use all pedals for distortion and won't use the channel anyway.

Can you Help?
Other than moderately priced how much is your budget?

Where do you live?

Any tonez you want to emulate at all?

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I'd say less then $1000
I live in Nova Scotia, Canada
And umm, no. Maybe the guy from Wintersleep. I like his tone.
I play alot of postrock stuff, so i use alot of pedals, mainly delay and stuff so a really clean crisp tone is good.
fender cleans.
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i recommend the vox ac15. I just got one, and it really is an amazing amp. Cleans sound incredible, and its near perfect for the wintersleep-ish sound. But yah, definitely check it out. Im actually in nova scotia too, i know theres some at the long and mcquade on cunard street in halifax, they have a good selection of amps.
I'd suggest a Fender.
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Get the Peavey. It can stay REALLY clean and it takes FX pedals like a boss. Those Fenders are meh (I play your same style and I can't stand Fenders except Hot Rod Devilles) and AC15s break up really easily.