It's my first comp, so hopefully it will go well!

Anyway, the idea is to submit a poem (no prose, and style of poetry accepted) that is only one word. The title can be as long as you want, but the poem can only be one word. Here's a somewhat close example (the poem consists of two words instead of one)-

[CENTER][B]"The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions"[/B]
Tried. Fried.[/CENTER]

Any number of people can sign up.

The deadline will be August 1.

users in
Aeolian Harmony
Karel Juwet
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There's mine.


Heaven Isn't Worth Going Through

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I'm hella in.

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Sign me up.

Umbreon is my all time favorite pokemon, just wanted to let you know.

EDIT: I don't think you should give people so long to get pieces in. I just thought of one in my head in about ten seconds.
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Sent, did you get it? The message thingy was doing some weird stuff so you might not have gotten it.
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Mkay, I'll try again tomorrow. I'm excited about this.
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I'll have a go.
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Can I join?

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Ill give it a shot. I already have my word picked.

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cool story bra.................somebody doesn't like Christianity, who woulda thought?

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Lol, This is Sig worthy my friend, Kudos to you and your wise-ass-ness
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Ok... that's quite random...
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Yours and greendayfan's.
Did you get mine?
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Also, i have the entries of Ganoosh, Pyrest, alaskan_ninja, Greendayfan, partyboy, and cut.cord.
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Also, what goes next?

next thing is the selection of the winner
Next you post polls.
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