im playing a lot heavy/melodic stuff currently in drop d with my band and was considering buying a 7 string. im not sure where to start, ive looked at some schecters and ibanez 7 strings but they are expensive and i want to find something cheaper but still good quality

they have good quality, features, and are pretty inexpensive.
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if you were wanting to get one for really cheap just to see if you like 7s, id suggest a washburn wg587 or an ibby 7321/7621. you can find those for near $200. otherwise, rondo is indeed a good place to look. havent tried any of their 7s but i have an 8er and its amazing.

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If I can't find a good deal on a Schecter or an Ibanez, I may just go with an Agile. I think the odds of finding an LTD or Dean 7 string I like are pretty low.
what is your budget?
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dude ibanez do a 7 for 400. any cheaper than that, and its firewood. trust me, if youre looking for a 7 for 300, youre in a for a shock when you see how low the quality is.
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i definately dont wanna compromise price for quality and i want to spend somewhere between $400 and $800, i would buy an agile in a heartbeat but theres nowhere to test one out and i havnt heard much about the company. i currently hav a gibson les paul classic and a fender strat and they arent rly gettin the job done on some of the heavier stuff im playin. i can get a pretty sick metal sound out of my mesa lonestar but need a more metal style guitar
why would you need a 7 string if you're just doing drop D in your band? unless the band tunes down with you, or you put in a high A instead of having a low B, or you just feel like using it on your free time, a 7 string wouldn't be very helpful for you. unless you actually do the string swap i mentioned earlier
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right now my band has a vocalist sing/scream, two guitarists and a drummer and keys player. my other guitarist is buyin a 7 string too but also undecided. we dont wanna spend a whole lot cuz we both hav fairly expensive "normal" electric guitars, but wanna let our playing styles branch out as we hav a large range of influences anywhere from alesana to born of osiris and a huge variety in between.
check out the schecter damien elite
similar to a hellraiser but its emg 81&85 7 string version which is a 1st from schecter from what i've seen and a bolt on neck
its $549 or something around there
great reviews so i'm dead set on getting this lol
also http://www.zzounds.com/item--ESPSC207