I added in some of my own stuff, i would like tips on improving the tone of the intro, I am using an Epiphone Special and a Peavy Rage (508 i think), I made the ending based off of the end of the guitar duel on Crossroads. this was a few months ago and my technique has changed slightly, I would apreciate all critique (by critique i dont mean typing "U Suck, I am way better" a few questions...

How can i make the intros tone better?

Did i not stick to the original enough? (add too much stuff?)

Do you feel i need more or less gain?

PS i have improved my stage presence since then, i was a little nervous
It's just really sloppy and hesitant once you get to the tremelo picking part.
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Nice!!! I love the 316 part the tone is good. To get it better a little delay/echo kinda like the original.
As far as eruption goes. Try using less gain and more volume. Also try to get more of the original in there. I understand you can't just connect 316 to Eruption so you gotta make some connecting material, but for my tastes, more of Eruption would have gotten me really excited. Other than that, I always get amped when I see people do EVH because he's the best ever. hahaha
Tehehe, feels good inside when the crowd starts going whoa yeah!!, specially from the chicks, doesn't it?

Hints from me? I dunno, I guess I would say as you become more seasoned playing it a little more showman ship on stage might add to the presence of the performance. I know when doing something more challenging concentration is needed more than anything, but a little connecting to the crowd when possible might add to the girls wanting to go "whoa catch my bra!"

not much to say about it
pretty awesome

a backing track wouldnt hurt
Tremelo picking was a bit sloppy, but who am I to say, you pleased the crowd and that's all that matters! Great job dude!