so my girlfriend just txt me and was like you won tickets on facebook, sure enough i look.

104.1 THE HAWK! Facebook Friday winners are...Debra Thompson, Valerie Brey Mitchell, Desirie Lawson-Russell, Mary Rowe, Kelly Brewer Walton, John Willam Austel, Mike Zuniga, Nick Vizenor, Kayla Sunem Urias, and Brandon McCarty...you each get a pair of tix to see Scorpions 8/1 in Concord...you can pick up your tickets Monday!!

i liked that post as a joke, and won. haha pretty crazy.

any stories like that for any one else?
its my first time winning anything so im pumped.
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I won tickets to see The Smashing Pumpkins a few years ago. One of my local radio stations had a beach house for the summer. I went and ended up scoring free tickets to their yearly concert where The Smashing Pumpkins played. I also met the guy in charge of meet and greets so he got me a meet and greet with The Smashing Pumpkins. At the concert, I ended up winning tickets to another show :p
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Won tickets to the Metal Hammer Golden Gods not more than 2 months ago. Entered the comp not expecting to win, then at the end of the podcast they read out my name (the way they pronounced it couldn't have been more wrong) and I near shit myself.
But then again, the tickets were free but the flights to London cost like 75 quid each because the competition was only like 5 days before the show.

Was pretty cool though.
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