http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Vince Luis/ has been ripping off some Avenged Sevenfold tabs and getting away with it. If you check his submission of Nightmare, it is exactly the same as version 7.

He also has a version of the new song Buried Alive which is ripped off from a version which I am not sure was rejected or not. I voted to reject it nonetheless.

Either way, the work's not his and I'm not the only one frustrated with it.

Ban him?
There's a credit notice in his tab:
I tried to transcript the guitar parts note for note, and it
should be very very close to the real version.
I don't take credit for the bass and drums, which I took
from the version transcribed by "theflyingapple". His
version also helped me for some tricky parts in the solo
and my version wouldn't be as good without his help
and for that I thank him.
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emad I'm gonna ban you, seriously.